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League Rules


THE LEAGUE- will consist of 12 teams.  Draft day will be determined by the team owners.  Draft order is determined by the league standings from the previous year.  The last place finisher drafts first, second last place drafts second, and so on.  If an owner does not return the following year, the new owner will draft in the # 6 slot and the remaining owners will be pushed up a spot. If multiple new owners are added they will draft in the # 7, # 8 etc spots. Also if two or more new owners enter in one year, their draft order will be decided by some equatable means, ie. coin flip, pick cards, etc.  The draft will run in a 1-12 and 12-1 format. 
THE FRANCHISE FEES- Are $200.00.  This fee covers league prize money, head to head divisional prize, super bowl prize and the end of the year party.  the breakdown is as follows:
$2,14000    total franchise fees (12 owners x $200.00) + FA and trade fees pool
$   375         High Score winners weeks 1-15   ( $25 per week)
$   150        High Score winners weeks 16-18 ( $50 per week)
$     60         Yearly Draft Board supplies
$   120.00   Web site fees
$   100.00   End of the year party
Remaining money will be the league prize money  and will be broken down as follows
                        1st - 55%    2nd - 30%     3rd- 10%    4th- 5%
ROSTER RULES - Each team will have 15 players on their roster. You must have two QB's/ 4 RB's/4 WR's/2 TE's/ a kicker and two defenses on your roster at all times and that number will also serve as a roster maximum.  
Each week your will submit a starting lineup of a QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's , 1 TE, 1 flex player (WR/RB/TE), 1 Kicker, 1 team defense.
SCORING- There will be 12 scoring categories. 8 for offense and 4 for defense as follows;
Rushing yards, Passing yards, Completions, TD ratio ( +6 for a TD Pass and - 3 for an INT), Receptions, Receiving yards, TD's, Kicking, Yards allowed, sacks, turnovers and points against. ( points against defense only- does not include Kick Return/turnover scores)
Each teams total will be ranked in order from 1-12 for each category and then each teams category  points for each category will be added together to give you your weekly score. When teams tie in a specific category the numbers will be halved.
(example -  two teams tied with the most passing yards  at 400 yards each. The teams will get 11.5 points each for the category.)
Weekly scores will then be added from week to week to give us the overall standings
SPECIAL SCORING RULES- Non QB's throwing passes will be added to your totals as will QB's/WR's/TE's running the ball or even kicking FG's for that matter.  
THE TROY BROWN RULE- Since we are in the age of two way players  if you have an offensive player in your starting lineup run back a kick or punt for a TD or make an interception or fumble recovery on defense your team will be credited with the TD or the turnover but you will not get any yardage from it. 
This is limited to defensive turnovers ONLY……. If your RB flops on a fumble as his QB is sacked you will not get credit for a fumble recovery since its not a turnover.
Defensive scores- If your defense scores you will be credited with a TD in that category. This only 
counts for defensive TD's- not special team TD's.
The Fumble rule- Since NFL stats do not differentiate between a defensive fumble recovery and a special  
teams fumble recovery we will have to simply go with the official box score number of fumbles lost  
as a total for that category. It is impossible for the statistician to weed through the play by play of  
each game to see how and when an actual fumble happened. Hopefully this will all even itself out  
during the course of a season for each team.
Missing QB/Defense Rule- If for some reason you have no starting QB or Defense you will get 1's at each category unique to that position. 
Example- You have no QB you will still get a 1 at TD/Ratio despite the fact that other peoples starting QB's ratios were in a minus number  
TRADES- are unlimited and the cost is $5 per team for single player trades and $10 per team for multiple player trades. (this is a change made in 2010 to cap multiple player trades at $10 per team to encourage trading).
The trading deadline is the 10th week of the season. All money collected from trades will be added to the league prize money and awarded as stated above.
FREE AGENT MOVES -are $5.00 per move for the first five moves. After 5 moves the cost is $ 10 per move. All money collected from free agency moves will be added to the league prize money and awarded as stated above.
There will be no charge for FA moves involving a player placed on IR provided that move is made within 4 weeks of the player being placed on IR. Also the official NFL.com transactions page will be used for arguments involving whether a player was officially placed on IR by his team. The limit is two FA pick ups per week....per team.
The Free Agency deadline will be Wednesday at 9:00PM for picking up players players in Thursday games. You can cut a player playing in a Thurs game if you declare the drop prior to Wed at 9. Once the deadline passes you cant cut him to try to pick up somebody on Friday.
For all other players involved in Sat/Sun Mon games the deadline will be Friday at 9:00PM.....No second choice requests can be made for players involved in the Thursday games unless the request was made prior to Wed at 9PM.
All FA moves and trades must be emailed to or called into the Statistician by that time to be eligible for the upcoming week.
FREE AGENT TIEBREAKERS- If two teams attempt to select the same player the player will be awarded to the team lower in the overall standings. If the teams are tied the player will be awarded to the team that put in the request first.
In the second round of the FA pickups each week any team that picked up a FA in round 1 and is making a second request will drop to the bottom of the selection process for round 2. In case of multiple teams making round 1 selections those teams will be seeded via their standings.
IR SLOT (New 2022)  There will be an IR slot. If a player goes on the IR you have the option of waiving him to Free Agency and make a regular free IR Move. Or you can make a $5/$10 move and retain the player in your IR Slot. When the player is put back on the active roster you must either activate him and drop the player you picked up OR drop the IR player. There is only 1 IR Slot for each team.
WEEKLY LINEUPS -Lineup deadline is Sunday at 1:00PM.  During weeks where there is a Thursday or Saturday game and you do NOT HAVE any players on your roster in those games you may continue to put your lineup in by Sunday at 1:00PM.
The NEW Chaddy Rule (revised 2023)- If you have a player on your roster that is  playing in the Thursday/Saturday game then you must have your lineup set for that player prior to the scheduled kickoff of the Thursday/Saturday game. He must either be declared as a starter at his position or the flex position or he must have his backup preference (at his position and at flex) listed. Once his game starts he is locked at that position. If you fail to put in a lineup prior to the start of the Thursday game that player will be locked into your previous weeks roster at that position.
The other positions on your roster that do not have Thursday/Sunday players can be tinkered with up until Sunday at 1PM.
BACK UP PLAYERS- A back up may be chosen for each positional player on your roster in the event your starter does not play that week. Back up players must be listed in your lineup in order of preference. The only exception will be at QB/Def. Your back up QB will automatically play if your starter doesnt play or for some reason your defenses game is cancelled (hurricane etc)
This rule is intended to not penalize a team for game time decision injuries/last minute suspensions/arrests etc etc. It is not for positional players on bye weeks !!!  Let me repeat that…….ITS NOT FOR PLAYERS ON BYE WEEKS !!
If you insert a player in the RB/WR/TE/Flex position in to your starting lineup that is on a bye week or you forget to put a lineup in and you have a player on a bye week you are stuck with them. (revised 2022 to not include QB or D position)
This applies only to starters..........if one of your listed backups is on a bye week and your listed starter does not play.....the backup that is on a bye week will be skipped over to the next available backup.
Example-   Your start  Adrian Peterson and Felix Jones as your starters.......backup # 1 is Fred Jackson who is on a bye and backup # 2 is Ronnie Brown.......Felix Jones suddenly gets scratched as a game time decision then Ronnie Brown will start.
Pay Attention to your lineups and rosters.
Also if a  back up is inserted into your starting lineup he is now your starter and will remain as the starter until you change your lineup.
Ex) Adrian Peterson is a game time scratch and your back up Fred Jackson starts in his stead.......Jackson is now your starter for the next week unless you change it. The following week do not assume that Peterson will be automatically inserted back into your lineup......You have to put him back in. 
A player will be deemed to be not playing if he shows up on the official NFL.com gamebook stats in either the inactive or did not play listing. If he took the field for a snap or stood on the sidelines he will be considered as having played even if he fails to accumulate stats.
QB Injury rule- (Adopted 2022) If your quarterback suffers an injury in the middle of a game AND DOES NOT RETURN. You will get the stats of that teams back up QB for that week. This does not include a QB who is benched, relieved or returns during a game. It must be a game ending injury.
NO SHOW LINE-UPS- If you don't put in a line-up by the weekly deadline, your line-up from the previous week will be used. If during that previous week you had a back up inserted into your lineup for an injured starter that back up will remain as your starter. 
New Kicker Rule 2011 - You are drafting a team kicker now. I will list a kickers name on the roster and lineups so we don't confuse the kickers with the starting defenses but if your kicker gets hurt you will automatically get the stats for whoever replaces him. So if your kicker goes down in the middle of the game or is injured for several weeks you do not have to make a FA move for a new kicker….you will get whoever replaces him. 
Bye Week Kicker- If your kicker is on a bye week you will be able to pick up another kicker up until kickoff time on Sunday. If you wish to pick up a kicker playing in the Thursday night game or kicker in a Saturday game you have until kick off time those nights/days games.....Bye week kickers will be awarded based on the same rules as free agents so if there are multiple teams bidding on a bye week kicker make sure you put in a second or third choice.
HEAD TO HEAD-  Elminated at the end of the 2016 season. 
WEEKLY HIGH SCORE PRIZE- $25 prize to the team with the highest total score in weeks # 1-14 and $50 for weeks # 15-17. In case of a tie the prize will be split.
OFFICIAL STATS -The official stat source for the league will be NFL.com not the buffalo news or USA today or any other source prone to misprints.
WEB PAGE -The league web page will be at www.sbfantasyfootball.com
This site will include all  stat and lineup info along with a listing of league members and their email addresses.
SHITSTORMS -Any strange unique situations that suddenly arise that are not mentioned in these league rules will be resolved by an immediate vote of the league membership to resolve the issue.